Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation

StoveSense can help you to expertly design a flawless setting for your wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

When designing your dream stove installation the options are plentiful, so, count on our expertise for guidance from conception to completion. 

Can’t get a builder in time? Don’t worry! We take care of all the necessary building work including structural support, widening of chambers, plastering, roofing and more.

Don’t like the idea of having twin wall pipework on show? We can house your factory built chimney within a mock breast, built to your specification with a range of different interior finishes.

Let Us Help With The Design Of Your Hearth Chamber Mock Breast Flue System Surround

Planning the ideal setting for your stove installation can be difficult if you’re unaware of what options are out there and what industry regulations will allow. 

Throughout our time installing we have worked to produce hearths, chambers and mock breasts with many different materials and we have a good eye for what design features will work well to suit the space you’re planning to use. 

During our free home survey, we will go through all of these options with you at length so that you’re able to make the right decision whilst ensuring you’re completely aware of the costs and any associated regulatory implications. 

Whether you a want simple chamber with clean lines, or a rustic inglenook lined with country barn brick slips, we can help you to navigate through design choices and make sure that you’re left delighted with the finished product. 


  • Style
    Modern, Traditional, Mixture Of Both.
  • Fuel
    Wood Burning, Multi-Fuel, Pellet.
  • Accreditations
    DEFRA Approved, Eco Design 2022 Ready.
  • Placement
    Freestanding, Chamber, Inset.
  • Features
    Airwash, Secondary Burn, Large Window, Spring Loaded Door, Removal Handle & More.


  • Split Face Slate Tiles
    Black, Blue, Grey, Oyster, Rusty/Ochre & More.
  • Brick Slips
    Country Barn, Rustic, Red, Victorian, London & More.
  • Render
    Roughcast, Lime, Clean/Square.
  • Tiles
    Mosaic, Stone, Octagonal, Plain, Patterned & More.
  • Boarded
    Sheet Metal, Painted Fireboard, Brick Effect.


  • Slate
    Clean, Riven, Black, Brazilian, Italian
  • Stone
    Sandstone, Indian Stone, Limestone, Yorkstone, Granite, Marble & More.
  • Concrete
    Polished, Rough, Textured.
  • Tiles
    Mosaic, Stone, Octagonal, Plain, Patterned & More.
  • Brick
    Rustic, Clean, Herringbone & More.

Mock Breast Options

  • Size
    Wide, Narrow, Deep, Shallow.
  • Front Face
    Wooden Surround, Oak Beam, Cast-Iron Surround.
  • Design Options
    Inset TV, Log Store(s), Shelving, Lighting.
  • Outer Face
    Skimmed/Painted Finish, Tiled, Split Face Tiles, Brick Slips & More.
Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation

Knockout & Re-instate.

In this example we removed an old dated gas appliance to reveal an old open fire back. After breaking out the opening to the required size, we cut and laid a new 3 piece slate hearth and lined the interior with A1 rated fireboard and applied a paint finish to tie in with the walls. 

The skirting boards were then mitred downwards and it was finished off with a 6″ x 6″ floating oak beam before installing a British made Burley Launde.

Chamber Re-design.

In this example, we stripped back the opening and lifted up some old and damaged sandstone to replace it with a slate hearth of the same dimensions.

All of the old cracked plaster was removed from the walls and lined with rustic brick slips, we then pointed in between with a lime mortar applied by gun.

Finally a Henley Cheltenham stove was installed leaving another customer happy. 

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation
Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation

Mock Chimney Breast.

In this example we installed a Henley Druid using TW Pro twin wall flue system. 

The customer decided that he wanted to hide the twin wall flue within a mock chimney breast so we constructed one to specifications built from metal studwork and A1 board where appropriate. 

Completed with oak beam, slate hearth and split face slate tile chamber. 

Services We Offer

Stove Supply. Installation. Flue Design. Maintenance. We've Got Your Covered..

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We supply a wide range of stoves from industry leading manufacturers.

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We can offer complete chamber remodelling and intricately routed twin wall flue systems. 

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We install to a high standard in line with the most up to date building regulations.

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We keep your system operating efficiently with stove and flue servicing.


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