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In order to keep your stove operating at it’s best, you need to make sure it’s properly maintained. Chimney sweeping, re-ropes and replacement of defective parts are crucial in order to make sure your appliance is working efficiently and most importantly, safely.

The Services We Provide

StoveSense offer Chimney Sweeping services for Pembrokeshire. Our experienced team use the most up to date methods and a mixture of both traditional and state of the art equipment. We are equipped to sweep large masonry stacks, clay liners, stainless steel chimney liners, twin wall flues & just about anything else you could throw at us. As part of this service we will give your stove a check up and advise if any further maintenance is required. To book a chimney sweep please scroll to the top of the page and click the “book a service” button.

The fire rope which comes with your stove is not a permanent fixture, it perishes and degrades over time and will need to be replaced. The fire rope on your stove is responsible for creating a tight seal between the stove body and the door, and also between the door and the glass, if this seal is not maintained then you risk the escape of carbon monoxide into your living space, especially if there is a poor burning environment. If your rope needs to be replaced, get in touch,

Over a period of time using your stove, the paint quite often dulls and your stove begins to look tired. We offer a full re-spray service with a range of colours to choose from. Breathe life back into your appliance by booking a full respray today and we’ll have your stove looking as good as new.

After extended periods, parts of your stove may need replacing due to the repeated exposure from such intense heat, the more often your stove is maintained the less likelihood there is that parts will need replacing. Baffle plates and vermiculite fire bricks are often the first parts which may need replacing. If you think a part may need replacing, use our service booking software to book an appointment which you can use to upload a picture of the stove and the part in question, this should be all we need to get back in touch with a price for the replacement and a proposed date to carry out the work.

An incorrectly installed stove is an accident waiting to happen, please don’t let it wait if you suspect something to be wrong with an appliance you own. StoveSense can carry out a full safety check during which we will make absolutely sure that everything is as it should be and in compliance with the most up to date regulations. 

When you had your stove installed, you should have been issued with a certificate of compliance by your installer to show that the work has been carried out by a competent person. If this is not the case then it’s possible the installer you booked was not HETAS registered and the work carried out may be unsafe. 

Get in touch today if you have any concerns and we’ll make sure to get everything inspected and tested, with a certificate issued so that you can rest easy that you’re safe and covered. 

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation

Don't Skip Vital Maintenance

Your stove must be properly maintained in order for it to remain functioning safely and efficiently. StoveSense are the premier choice for chimney sweeping and stove maintenance in Pembrokeshire.

If your chimney is not swept you are at risk of dangerous and deadly blockages and chimney fires. Let us carry out this vital maintenance for you so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your stove and flue have been rigorously maintained by HETAS registered professionals.

During our visit, we will make sure that the installation is safe and up to standard with the current building regulations, ensure you’re carbon monoxide alarm is working, check all of your rope seals and inform you of any parts which may need replacing. We can also arrange to spray your stove in a range of colours to give your appliance a new lease of life. 


Although chimney sweeping can be a messy job, we pay great care and attention to maintaining the cleanliness of your home and we endeavour to leave it just as it was when we arrived. 

Your chimney is responsible for the safe passage of the dangerous flue gases that result from combustion. You must make sure that your chimney is routinely swept to make sure that your stove operates optimally. Chimney sweeping will help to get rid of sooty deposits, cobwebs, bird nests and any other potential blockages.

Generally, we aim to have your stove fully serviced and operational again in under an hour. If there are any complications, this may prolong the service but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if that is the case. 

It is advisable to get your chimney swept annually at a minimum based on the average user, though this can vary depending on how often you use your appliance. When we come out to sweep your chimney, we will assess the amount of soot that is apparent after we’ve finished and advise on how often a sweep needs to be carried out moving forward.

We charge £45 for a chimney sweep which includes VAT, any additional maintenance will incur additional costs which will be outlined before we start. We offer a multi-chimney discount if you have more than one appliance that needs sweeping. 

Services We Offer

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Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We supply a wide range of stoves from industry leading manufacturers.

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We can offer complete chamber remodelling and intricately routed twin wall flue systems. 

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We install to a high standard in line with the most up to date building regulations.

Stovesense - Pembrokeshire Stove Installation


We keep your system operating efficiently with stove and flue servicing.


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